Camp Hazen YMCA

  • From the camp’s mission statement: “Camp Hazen YMCA is one of New England’s most remarkable summer camps and outdoor education centers. We have been providing quality camping experiences for kid, families, and school groups for more than 90 years. Camp Hazen YMCA is committed to helping youth develop valuable life skills through camping experiences that build healthy bodies, open minds, and awakened spirits.”
  • Camp Hazen strives to put its resources to work on programs for campers and while electricity is a valuable and needed commodity, a large, south facing roof on the dining hall presented a perfect opportunity to save money on electric costs. Partnering with Star Power LLC, a new 15.9 KW PV system was installed at no cost to the camp. The system generates about 18,000 kWh each year at a rate that is 15% below the utility rate. About 18% of the dining hall’s annual electric usage comes from the new solar power system.
  • The solar power system was designed and installed by Waldo Renewable Electric, LLC.

Camp Hazen YMCA
204 West Main Street
Chester, CT 06412