New Pond Farm Education Center



  • The mission of the Education Center is to connect people with the land that enriches and sustains us all. Each year, using their outstanding outdoor classrooms, they bring students of all ages outside and offer hands-on environmental programs that focus on our habitats with their diverse flora and fauna. When people appreciate and understand the world around them, they become better stewards of their environment.
  • New Pond Farm partnered with Star Power to put in place both roof top (13.86 KW) and ground mounted (41.58 KW) solar arrays at no cost to the organization. Electricity generated by the ground mounted system alone powers 100% of the administration and educational building’s yearly consumption and is purchased from Star Power at a fixed rate that is below utility rates even in the first year of operation. Yearly generation is expected to exceed 70,000 kWhs.
  • The system was designed and installed by Sound Solar Systems, LLC of Old Greenwich, CT.

New Pond Farm Education Center
101 Marchant Road
West Redding, CT 06896
(203) 938-2117