Town of Newtown, CT




  • At no cost to the town, Star Power installed, owns and operates solar arrays on two town owned buildings. One is the maintenance facility for Newtown Parks and Recreation/Board of Education at 2 Trades Lane. This 100.44 KW array is a combination of panel mountings on west facing roof , south facing roof, and flat roof (not visible from the street). The array is expected to generate 117,700 kWhs annually. The second (13.86 KW) is mounted on the south facing slopes of the new town animal shelter at 21 Old Farm Road. It is expected to generate 17,280 kWhs annually or more than half the building’s consumption.
  • Newtown purchases clean energy from Star Power LLC at a very attractive discount below utility rates that will only grow more attractive as rates inevitably rise over the years.
  • The system was designed and installed by Sound Solar Systems LLC of Old Greenwich, CT.