Star Power, LLC currently owns and operates all or part of 13 small solar arrays totaling an installed capacity of 366 KW and generating approximately 480,000 kWhs per year. All are on buildings belonging to not-for-profit organizations and the energy savings realized by these organizations goes to support their missions. Additional arrays are in the planning stages.

Temple Emanuel -

Temple Emanuel installed a 30.2 KW solar array on their South and West facing roofs.

Preservation CT -

Preservation CT in Hamden committed to a visionary approach to a historic structure and installed a 10.1 KW solar array on it.

Kirtland Commons -

The Deep River Housing Authority made its flat roof available for a 21.6 KW solar array owned and paid for by Star Power.

First Congregational Church of Woodstock -

The church installed a solar array (18.76 KW) on a south facing roof that is projected to generate over 24,000 kWhs each year.

First Congregational Church of Old Lyme -

The array is projected to generate 47,870 kWhs per year, about 75% of the 2014 consumption.

Guilford Housing Authority -

The new housing units are net zero energy users thanks in large part to solar PV arrays on several of the unit clusters.

Town of Newtown, CT -

At no cost to the town, Star Power installed and operates solar arrays on two town owned buildings.

New Pond Farm Education Center -

New Pond Farm partnered with Star Power to put in place both roof top (13.86 KW) and ground mounted (41.58 KW) solar arrays.

Smilow Burroughs Clubhouse -

The system is expected to generate over 61,000 kWh of electricity annually, offsetting the emission of nearly 40 tons.

United Church of Chester -

United Church of Chester realized that its South facing roof line was a perfect platform to support a solar power.

South Kent School -

In addition to using the solar arrays as learning tools, the school gets discounts on the purchase of clean power.

Camp Hazen YMCA -

Camp Hazen YMCA uses the large, south facing roof on the dining hall to save money on electric costs.

Recent Projects