First Congregational Church of Old Lyme



  • The church joined with Star Power to co-own the 44.47 KW solar power system on the east and west slopes of the roof over the Fellowship Hall of the Church’s Parish House. The church contributed 30% of the capital to construct the solar array and owns a proportional interest in the system. Star Power owns 70% of the array and performs all maintenance and financial management of the system. The array is projected to generate 47,870 kWhs per year, about two thirds of the 2014 consumption, although both numbers can vary from year to year. The percentage of the church’s annual consumption will continue to increase as the church adds to its already substantial number of energy efficiency initiatives.
  • The solar power system was designed and installed by Waldo Renewable Electric, LLC.

First Congregational Church of Old Lyme, CT
2 Ferry Road
Old Lyme, CT 06371