Guilford Housing Authority


  • Guilford Housing Authority (GHA) recently completed construction of nine units of additional elderly housing at its Boston Terrace, Guilford location. The new housing units are “zero net energy” users thanks in large part to solar PV arrays on several of the unit clusters. The units were sustainably built and certified to Silver Level under the National Association of Home Builders Green Standard program. The project also won the 2013 Zero Net Energy Challenge – Exemplary Community Housing Award from the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund.
  • GHA found itself needing a small amount of additional financing to complete the project and came to Star Power for assistance. An agreement was structured wherein Star Power would contribute capital to the project in return for ownership of a proportionate amount of the solar power system and all the Renewable Energy Certificates created by the entire system. GHA would receive all the electricity generated by the system at no cost.
  • The system will generate approximately 42,000 kWhs annually representing 100% of the electric consumption of the complex.

Guilford Housing Authority
41 Boston Terrace
Guilford, CT   06437